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In a few hours, the staff of the Institut St-Joseph will host parents and pupils for a new school year. In our two houses, more than 420 young people will come to continue their learnings under our guidance during the ten next months. Forty of those will live a « premiere ». This one will lead us this Tuesday to frame a particular activity connected to the fact that some media had expressed the desire to be present. We do not count jokes: they are the portable computers given to the pupils for first once which attracts them !
I chose to deal this media presence by a press meeting to leave a maximum of place to the normal course of this day of school re-entry. Also, the idea to gather our partners several friends and officers of the Institute and to present to them at the same time, our physical transformations and the hoes of our pupils particularly, I like the result… A kind of family celebration !
On this blog, I post now various documents which will interest those which have followed closely the development of our work since one year. For instant, you can read a version where no functionnal link show the different weblogs contains in our portfolios; During the next few days, some of those links will be added by the time students and teachers will used the different tools. The work is in progress; I would say even more, it’s the begining! Quickly, our experiment of the community of learning with our program will improve all the development of the school pedagogy just like made the experiment of the « pilot school » which we lived during those three past years. The first step should be the development of the access to the cyberportfolios to all the young people of the Pavillon St-Louis (145 pupils). Here come those post (in english, some of them) :
 Press release « An Unusual Back to School for 40 students enrolled in the new CARRIERE program« .
 « Weblogging at the Institut St-Joseph« .
 The document about policy, « Code de déontologie de l’élève à l’Institut St-Joseph » (sorry, untranslate at this moment).
 This other one about work after school, Politique à l’Institut St-Joseph concernant le travail scolaire après l’école (sorry, untranslate at this moment).

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